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Is there any command to update Hotfix for R.77.2



I just have a migration work and shall need to upgrade the R77.2 sms to 81.1 


I have got the R77.2 backup file and would like to restore the config and so on thing on my fresh installed R77.2 Open server.


However, seems no browser support visiting R77.2 web ui on Windows 10 now.


I wonder if any one can share the Commands for me to update the latest Hotfix over cli and internet.


Then let see if I can access back the Web ui after latest patching.


Thank you in advance.



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First of all, there is no single step upgrade between those releases.
This means upgrading to R80.40 first.

The best way to proceed is to use the Advanced Migration process to copy the configuration from R77.20 to R80.40.
Refer to the install/upgrade guide here:

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