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Is netobj_objects.c deprecated in R80?

For some context, I am an SE at Indeni, a technology partner that offers proactive health analysis for Check Point customers by running automated CLI-based scripts

Recently, some of my customers have started to complain that netobj_objects.c file no longer exist. This is actually crucial for my company Indeni, which autonomous queries for this object file to analyze valuable information of the management server.

For example, Indeni will scan through the management server for known firewalls and display them accordingly.

So my question is: will this object file be deprecated effectively in new R80 installs? What about management servers that upgrade from R77? What direction should we take? mgmt API?

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With R80+ Management, you should be using the published APIs/CLIs to query objects and the like.

While some of those files may still exist for various reasons, I would not count on their existence going forward.

If something is missing in the published APIs/CLIs, ask, we're happy to help Smiley Happy

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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus


We gave Indeni R&D about 2 years of notice about the depreciation of the R77 structure files. 

The truth is that we never committed to any structure of the management representation. Each version was susceptible to breaking format changes. With the Management API’s we commit to versioning and avoid breaking structures at all costs. 

show-gateways-and-servers API command can help. If you can’t find the information you are looking for, there are other ways. 

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Delighted to hear that there's API at last. This would make our life at Indeni so much easier. Thanks!

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