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Is it possible to use the R80.10 Migration tools to export from R71 directly to R80.10?


Will be upgrading to a a new Checkpoing MGMT server and it will be using the R80.10.

I will like to find out if I perform the migration export of all policies and objects using the R80.10 migration tools on the existing R71 mgmt server and import it on my R80.10 mgmt server, will it work?

or will I have to upgrade and migrate the mgmt server gradually until I ger to R80.10??

Thanks in advance.

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Hey Steven,

A detailled overview regarding your upgrade path can be found and verified via the upgrade wizard.

Just fill out the details and see what path(s) it shows for your situation Smiley Happy

If you are planning to move up to R80.10 you should also consider a direct migration to R80.20 to save a later, further, upgrade. It brings some new features, especially performance and API wise.



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Upgrade Wizard is the place to go - it will explain that the way to go is rather stony Smiley Happy ! From R71 SPLAT, it is Upgrade from R71 to R75, then Upgrade from R75 to R77, all under SPLAT. Then, you do an Advanced Upgrade using the R80.20 Migration Tool and finally have R80.20 GAiA.

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