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Is it possible to take snapshot backup on a remote server directly?



Does anyone know if it is possible to take snapshot backup on a remote server directly?  We are having disk space issues one of the gateways and its not possible to take the snapshot backup on the gateway due to that. I wanted to know if we can directly take the backup on a remote server.

Appreciate the help!

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I'm afraid that even on R80.30 you cannot take a snapshot and send it directly to a remote server. That is because a snapshot is much larger than a system backup and it takes the entire root partition along with some of the /var/log one to complete. That is also why you cannot schedule snapshots in the same way that you can do backups.

What I would do in this case is the following:

1) Follow sk60080 and sk63361 to clear the affected gateway's disk space.

2) Schedule a "cleanup" of big files like old snapshots and cpinfo files with a cron job so that you do not encounter the same issue again.

I hope this helps.

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The feature which will act exactly the same for snapshot like is at the moment for backup would be perfect.

I can imagine a scenario that the gateway (or management) will check available disk space for the creation of snapshot, create snapshot itself, export snapshot, move it to the desired location outside of the box, delete exported snapshot from the gateway (or management) and finally remove snapshot partition created during creation.

Consider it as a suggestion for RFE 🙂

Kind regards,
Jozko Mrkvicka
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