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Is it possible and safe to delete automatically created networks?

I know that the subject of automatically created network objects was discussed a few times already.

Previous queries focused on how to make those visible.

There is sk126872 Some Network objects are not visible in the SmartConsole object list 

that explains how to make it happen using GuiDBedit in R80.10.

Can someone tell me if:

1. It is still applicable to R80.20

2. If it is possible and safe to delete these objects

I've run into situation where 10 freshly deployed gateways during their registration with the management server were queried automatically and largely same internal networks were created due to the presence of static routes.

Same network objects for each site were created with the object name appended with "_#", where "#" is the actual iteration sequence.

Now, when I am trying to import a CSV with actual network objects with their extended properties, tags and groups, I am seeing:

Line ##: code: "err_validation_failed"
message: "Validation failed with 1 warning"
- message: "More than one network has the same IP aaa.bbb.ccc.0/"

for each line.

Incidentally, there was no way to avoid automatic creation of the network objects, even going through the "Manual" gateway creation process, if you have routes preconfigured in Gaia.

So the loathsome "Get Interfaces with Topology" struck again, in full auto.

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Yes, you can generally remove these safely via the API.

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