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Is R80.10 Publish same as R77 Save?

tl;dr no, and here's why:

R80 security management platform created a new working model. In this video created by Yair Herling, Technical Marketing, we explain:

  • How with R80.10 SmartConsole can you make sure that no configuration change is lost
  • How you can make sure that only the changes you finished making will be part of the next policy installation.
  • How does that technically work

We believe that by explaining our architecture we will get the confidence of our users. Not all security vendors do that. Let us know your comments on the architecture and product decisions that we took with the new 2-step-change-management mechanism.

Lightboard Series - 2-Step Change Management 

3 Replies

I think this video is very useful to understand the new architecture.

In daily business i have very positive experiences with this. Especially as we had massive issues with fwm process at a customers installation, we often faced disconnects with SmartConsole and we were lucky that the changes were preserved and after being able to login again, we just continued from the point of the disconnect instead of re-configuring everything.
And as we are five admins here working on same policies simultaneosly, the new architecture is a great step ahead in comparison to earlier releases.
Good job, Checkpoint!

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Thanks! Next step - fix the FWM processes Smiley Happy 

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We are working since several weeks with CP TAC on this. Seems to be solved at last Smiley Happy

and now to something completely different