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Internal_CA expiring at UNIX Epoch

Check Point ICA still uses 32-bit time.  New CMAs and SmartCenters are expiring at the UNIX epoch.  This has been a hard-coded thing since the hotfix/patch back in 2018.

sk122874 and sk122612


# cpopenssl pkcs12 -in $FWDIR/conf/InternalCA.p12 -nokeys -nomacver -passin pass: 2>/dev/null | cpopenssl x509 -noout -enddate

notAfter=Jan 19 03:14:07 2038 GMT


Is work being done to move to 64-bit time soon?  2038 is not that far away... 

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While I suspect we will ultimately have to change this, this will most likely not be a backward compatible change.
Which most likely means it will require upgrading to specific releases that support it (when we ultimately introduce it).

I suspect a lot of other things Unix-based will also break around the end of the Epoch.

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