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Employee Alumnus

Infinity R80.10 "Cool Feature of the Day" - Ctrl+G - go to rule

In R80 we introduced multiple ways to navigate a large rulebase. See What are some of the tips and tricks for jumping between rules in the rulebase? 

In R80.10 we added this one small thing - jump to a rule by number.

Click on Actions-->Go To Rule

Alternatively you can hit the keyboard Ctrl+G

Type your rule number and hit OK.

Inline layers rule numbers are also supported (as well as inline-of-inline-...layers) 

Go to rule by rule UID is also supported. If you have the UID of the rule from your private systems, you can type it in.

You can easily copy a rule UID by right-clicking and selecting "Copy Rule UID".

This feature is supported in R80.10 SmartConsole Access Control Policies and NAT Policies.

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That's a nice feature!

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But Go to Rule only works if all xections are expanded - this will slow down work on big rulesets very much...

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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

Go To Rule works regardless of the state of your rule set and sections. 

If you can't navigate if a section is collapsed - it shouldn't happen. Please open a support ticket.