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Identity Awareness issue


Strange issue on a customer site with R80.20 cluster (latest JHF) and the logging of User Identities from a Citrix MUH Host.  Current version on the Citrix Hosts is R80.102.0000.

The MUH Agent is showing as being connected and users are shown in the window but nothing shows in SmartLog for user identity.

Failing the cluster over to the standby member brings the identities back and then failing back to the primary sees identities consistently being tagged in SmartLog.

Is there a new version of the MUH Agent for R80.20?  Is the MUH Agent at fault or is this a firewall process causing the issue?

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If you’re on the latest jumbo, sounds like it’s worth a TAC case.
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Hi Stuart,

The entity which reports the identity to SmartLog is the PEP, while the MUH agent is connecting to the PDP.


Please verify where the issue falls with these commands:

# pdp m ip <MUH IP>

# pep sh u q cid <MUH IP>


do you see the relevant user(s) on both sides?

I believe it won't be on the PEP.

In case it's shown on PDP side - it might be identity sharing problem.

Otherwise - need to focus on MUH<->PDP communication.


Anyhow, as written here, it sounds like an issue to be raised with TAC.




Royi Priov
Group manager, Identity Awareness R&D
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Hi Royi,


We had some major issues with Identity Awareness when we upgraded a customers cluster to R80.20 (there are other clusters with R80.10 etc all working 100%) .


We were advised by TAC to upgrade to the Jumbo Hotfix Take 73 (I see it is now superceded by JHF 74) and this fixed our issues.


Hope this helps if your issue persists..

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