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ICYMI, R80.20 Accessibility Options

ICYMI, R80.20 includes some new accessibility features like keyboard navigation and a high contrast theme (see below). In the Any more keyboard shortcuts to work with SmartConsole ? discussion you'll find a list of keyboard shortcuts, for example press Ctrl + F3 to enable the high contrast theme, then Alt + F4 to close SmartConsole. Or navigate to Manage & Settings -> Preferences.... Accessibility and Enable High Contrast theme. Close and open SmartConsole. Kinda cool.

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Dark Mode Smiley Happy

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A "real" Dark Mode theme would be real nice. Something that closely matches Windows 10 native one.


Wow, there are a huge number of differences between normal and High Contrast mode.  It's almost like a different user interface.  We are currently on R80.2.M2

  • Refresh is on the right side in Dark Mode.
  • You can't select and copy data items of the main log screen or the detail window in Dark Mode
  • Context sensitive menus have drastically reduced functionality in Dark Mode.  Mostly it';s reduced to "filter in, filter out, and IP Tools".
  • Hyper Links embedded in the log display (packet capture, go to profile, add exception) do not work in Dark mode.
  • Navigation icons on the detail window and at the top of the Logs window do not appear in Dark Mode.
  • No auto refresh in Dark Mode
  • Export to Excel CSV become Export to Excel in Dark Mode (and it drops a file in native .xlsx format)
  • Dark Mode has no filters pane, instead it has a detail view pane on the right side
  • Dark Mode has an optional statistics pane on the left side.
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