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How to upgrade VSX cluster from R77.30 to R80.10 with CPUSE


I would like to upgrade a VSX Cluster (with vsls) from R77.30 to R80.10.

The management is already migrated, and I can't find a clear information to upgrade the VSX gateways with CPUSE

Is it possible to have a clear step by step guide?


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Not the reply you expect but maybe you have time to wait for CDT to support Vsx? 

And there is a threat regarding upgrade of vsx but I don't have in mind if it includes a step by step guide 

and now to something completely different - CCVS, CCAS, CCTE, CCCS, CCSM elite
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Hello Vincent,

Yes I've seen this thread about upgraindg using CPUSE.. Not real step by step guide... but some hints.

Actually I've tried to upgrade VSX with CPUSE, but the first upgraded VSX gateway did not refetch the policies for the different VS...

Also If I run cphacu start on the upgraded member, I get an error....

This is why a real guide of this procedure would be great...... if Checkpoint can publish it....

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Hello Guys,

I plan to upgrade our current R77.30 Checkpoint VSX clusters to R80.10 (15600 appliances) asap as our current infra is already in R80.10 (MDM and new VSX installations).

I tried to follow the upgrade guide of Checkpoint but this process is not very clear to me. I saw from others topics that the CPUSE installation is available for R77.30 boxes.

I would like to know if your upgrade succeeded ?

And if yes by using which method (clean install or CPUSE ) ?

Thanks for your help on that !


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There's an entire document set that covers install and upgrades.

It includes VSX upgrades with CPUSE upgrades as well.

See: Installation and Upgrade Guide R80.10 

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