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How to monitor CHK interface link status


We have deployed recently in our environment r88.10. I was poking around to see if I'm able to send syslog events matching only Up/Down of the FW interface to an external Syslog Server(elastic), but no luck so far Smiley Sad

Can somebody give a tip how to do it?

Kind regards.

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I think you should define syslog target here:

And may be enable snmp traps for interface Up/Down, if you do not see it in default syslog output:


Did you read sk87560 How to configure R77.30 Security Gateway on Gaia OS to send FireWall logs to an external Syslog server ? This is for R77.30 only, but contains the following two statements for R80.10:

1. To export Check Point FireWall and Audit logs from a Security Management Server / Multi-Domain Security Management Server / Log Server to external Syslog servers, refer to sk115392 - How to export Check Point logs to a Syslog server using CPLogToSyslog.

2. To export Check Point FireWall logs directly from a Security Gateway / Cluster Member R80.10, contact Check Point Support to get a Hotfix (Issue ID 02646044).

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