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How to compute memory usage in %

If this is the output, how to determine total memory usage in %? 

I found a formula that says Total Physical Memory - (Memory Free + Memory Buffers + Cache Memory) = Result/Total Physical Memory * 100. 

Total Virtual Memory (Bytes): 6266802176
Active Virtual Memory (Bytes): 783740928
Total Real Memory (Bytes): 809140224
Active Real Memory (Bytes): 505384960
Free Real Memory (Bytes): 143261696
Memory Swaps/Sec: -
Memory To Disk Transfers/Sec: -

And, how is the output of "fw ctl pstat" related to the memory usage of the system? Also, how to determine physical mem of a system in checkpoint. Apology, I'm new to Checkpoint.


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Which method is the best to monitor memory usage?

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Cpview is a great tool to use as a starting point for monitoring.


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