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How to check license available on MDM in R77.30

I have to add two devices in the network and connect it to MDM which is running on R77.30.

I want to know whether MDM has license to manage new Checkpoint.

We have two new 3100 boxes and we need to install R77.30 as our MDM is running on this version so after installing 3100 with R77.30, how these device will get license? 

If add it to MDM will there be any license issue?

Please let me know what things do I need to check and how to check.


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First of all R77.30 is End of Support.
Second, you may need a special version of R77.30 for the 3100.

There are two licenses relevant here: for the 3100s themselves (which should be licensed) and the management license needed to manage the gateways.
At least with current licenses, an MDS can manage a specific number of gateways across domains.
You would have to count the number of gateway objects across your domains and compare it with what your license allows.
A cplic print at the MDS level would help.

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