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How to change user password in CLI for CloudGuard IaaS HA R80.10&R80.30


I have a bunch of firewalls, managed via Security Console R80.30.

I need to change passwords of all firewall machines and due to a CA error I cannot access Gaia GUI.

In CLI(connected via ssh as admin) I runned all known/"internet discovered" commands with no luck.


passwd - asks me to input new pass and returns "bad credentials", "authentication token manipulation error"

set user admin password - command returns nothing

set selfpasswd - returns nothing

set admin passwd - returns nothing

cpconfig - Administrator menu does not exists anymore

I would much appreciate if someone could help, I need to change all passwords ASAP.

Best wishes,


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Please attach a screenshot of the CA error you’re referring to.
I suspect the error is merely that the CA used by the WebUI is self-signed and this not trusted by your browser.
You should be able to bypass this and continue to the WebUI.

Also screenshot of a session where you are entering the above commands and the precise messages you are getting back will help.
I suspect you’re not in clish where you would enter the command “set user admin password” to change it.
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