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How do i tell if i'm on a VSX, Open server or appliance gateway?

We have an environment with a VSX cluster, a number of appliances and some open server implementations. We don't have Multi Domain Manager yet.

How do i tell if a gateway is on VSX or something else?

I'm writing instructions and would like for someone new to be able to understand what they are working on.


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One option is clish command show asset

Open server example

clish -c "show asset system"
Platform: VMware Virtual Platform
CPU Model: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2699 v3
CPU Frequency: 2299.969
Number of Cores: 16
CPU Hyperthreading: Disabled

Appliance (model will have Check Point in it):

clish -c "show asset system"
Platform: PL-40-00
Model: Check Point 5900
Serial Number: 1748BA4090
CPU Model: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2620 v4
CPU Frequency: 2095.251
Number of Cores: 16
CPU Hyperthreading: Enabled

Ambassador Ambassador

Run vsx stat (in expert mode) or fw vsx stat (in clish) to see whether the system is VSX.

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Haha, i misunderstood the question. Good one. 

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Thanks Kaspars & Lari,

we have a complication in that by design we can't login to the VSX hosts via our RADIUS accounts so need to manage things like clusterxl failover via vsx_utils from the manager which is on open server, so i can't run those commands, even though i'm managing VSX.

Smartdashboard does show what hardware a gateway is on so is likely another good clue.

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You can execute commands from the manager on the gateway:

admin@fwmanager:~# cprid_util -server <GW-IP-ADDRESS> rexec -verbose -rcmd /bin/bash -c "vsx stat"
VSX is not supported on this platform


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