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How do I filter IPS protections based on Prevent/detect/Inactive?

I often find myself wanting to filter the IPS based on the protection status for a certain profile. Say I want to edit my "server profile" and first filter on protections from Company X, then I sort the Client/Server column by servers on top. Now I only want to see protections that are in a certain state. Active/Inactive/Detect. Is this possible or do I need to submit this to the suggestion box?

/ Ilmo

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Hi, we have plans to add that as a filter to SmartConsole and the API's. 

For R80.10 it is possible to sort by the profile action, so you can find the prevent up top and scroll for the bunch of detect's / inactive's if you like, but you can't filter by the action unfortunately. You can filter by the Staging status though.

Another option would be to use the Actions-->Export and play with the CSV. 


Thank you for the quick answer. I know I can sort that way but sometimes that means an ocean of scrolling for a needle Smiley Happy. Exporting it to the csv sounds like a way forward for these scenarios until the feature is implemented.

Looking forward to this new feature.

Thanks again.


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