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Geo blocking and Microsoft Azure

I want to start a discussion about Geo blocking and how it affects Microsoft services. Geo-blocking happens very early in the inspection process. Since Microsoft is a enormous company with datacenters all over the world I wonder how this will affect their services when using Geo blocking. 

My example shows a log for Geo blocking traffic to Hong Kong. 

IP-address lookup at Maxmind shows us that it belongs to Microsoft. 

For a list of all Microsoft Azure datacenter IP ranges you can download them from this link which will give you a xml file. Inside this file you will find IP address ranges for all regions. For my example from the log which blocked connection to Hong Kong for IP-address In the xml-file you will find under region asiaeast that this IP-address belongs to IP-range subnet 

So after this I stand with some questions that I would like to know since I don't notice any Microsoft service being unreachable/not working.

How is this handled by your web browser and by Microsoft since it's being geo blocked?

Do you use exceptions under Geo blocking with all the IP address ranges belonging to Microsoft Azure datacenters?

Have you noticed any Microsoft service not working after enabling Geo blocking for a country?

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