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Fwm service not starting after upgrade to R80.30 from R77.30

After migration fwm service not starting.

In fwm d
Showing its not starting due to migration. Could any one help in this

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Hi @Kapilp534,

Is that a SmartCenter Management or a Multi Domain?

Also, have you upgraded through CPUSE or was it an advanced upgrade using export/import?

In case FWM is down after upgrade, it might indicate that the upgrade failed. In case of CPUSE upgrade usually the machine is reverted automatically to R77.30 but in case you performed an advanced upgrade and for some reason you missed the error message that was presented in your console, we have a protection mechanism that prevents FWM from loading in case the upgrade failed.

Another option is that the upgrade process succeeded, but now there's a problem with FWM post upgrade.

I recommend opening a ticket to TAC so they could guide you and check what is the reason for the failure.


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Fresh installed r80.30 and now fwm is working as expected and imported R77.30 backup which was running on windows. After backup imported. Mgmt giving license error.


As manager LICENSe expired

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