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Finding LAN IP of Smart Provisioned gateway

I am looking for a way to retrieve a list of my smart provisioned (centrally managed) gateways, including name, external and LAN (internal) IP addresses (R77). I know I can easily get gateway name and external IP address using  SmartLSM LSMcli. See example below where I find external IP  for a gateway with name Irek-11

# LSMcli user password Show -F=nibtp | grep Irek-11
Irek-11 "VPN-1 Express/Pro ROBO" Z_IRom1100-77.20

So above command without grep will produce a list of names and external IPs at least. But I can't find LAN IP address of this gateway other than in GUI. I need cli command or  file (mgmt server of firewall) where I can find it.

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LSMcli user password ShowROBOTopology Irek-11

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