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Fetching traffic log using fwlog


we have R77.30 environment (MDS/MLM) .. as part requirement we need to view the traffic logs in cli using fw log

but I am getting an below error message while running below command syntax.

fw log -n -b "Nov 12, 2017 23:58:00" "Nov 12,2017 23:59:00" 2017-11-12_235900.log

Error Message

Failed to open file '/opt/CPmds-R77/log/2017-11-12_235900.log': No such file or directory
Error: Failed to open log file

Not sure if I used wrong command syntax or does the fw log command meant for viewing the traffic logs and audit logs

Kindly clarify

thanks in advance

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Assuming the log file exists in the directory, it may be missing pointer files to read the file. If they're missing you can create them with 'fw repairlog'. Would run 'mdsenv <domain_environment>' to make sure you're where you're where you want to be in the domain enviroment first.



P.S. The process of fetching log files is different, guess you  just want to read them via 'fw log'.


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