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Failed import database to R80 MDM

Database import from R77.30 MDM to R80 MDM failed

faced with this issue during import:

Error:   Domain ID mapping for Domain  SG-MTECH-LAB could not be found!

Error:   Importing Domain Management Server SG-MTECH-LAB_Management_Server failed.

         See installation log for details or contact Check Point Support.


  Brute Force specified. The info files will be rewritten.

  Answer yes to all questions specified.

  Setting Multi-Domain Server SIC info

  Setting login Multi-Domain Server CRL info

Summary of Upgrade operation:


Import operation started at: Wed May 17 16:25:19 SGT 2017

Multi-Domain Server databases - Failure

Domain Management Server SG-MTECH-LAB_Management_Server database - Failure


Anyone has experienced this before especially for Multi domain?

Thank you.@

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We had the same problem and it went away on its own when we installed on a Proxmox instead of a VMWare host, strange as it may sound. There Gaia thought it runs on Open Server, instead of VMWare edition or what it is called on the ESX host.

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