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Extended timeout after R80

Hi All

We have CMAs with some objects with extended timeout values of more than (86400 secs) that is allowed in GUI, pre R80 this was possible using dbedit, 

But post Check Point R80 this is not possible, dbedit is not allowed to change the value beyond 86400 seconds, because this filed has a max value,

Is there any way to extend as a work around, because most of the people with extended timeout values than 24hours in pre R80 will have this issue when they upgrade to R80+

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Hi, based on your experience, did that high timeout value work for all of the services that you used it with? This was never an official supported feature of Check Point.

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Can you share examples of more than 24h timeout required? 

How many seconds were set in this field for those examples?



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Hi Tomer/Tal

This setup was on one of my customer configs, I have seen 6/8/24h timeouts in the past and this was the first time I have seen it was extended beyond 24hours, (it was a crazy value like ~60years timeout value when it was converted)

This was configured in two SQL services, I need to confirm with the customer whether it was really used, but i guess they must have done because 24hours was not enough. 

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