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Export and Import Objects and Ruleset from/to MDS

Hi Mates,

We need to export the objects and ruleset of multiple domains from an MDS and import it on another MDS. All objects are in the global domain and we have rules in the multiple domains which use the objects from the global domain.

We use R80.20 on all Gateways, Management and Log Servers

I tried using the Python ExportImportPolicyPackage, but it's only supported for R80.10 according to the GitHub README. And if the policies are assigned to the global domain it isn't either supported.

What do you recommend to use?

Thanks for your help! 

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You can export/import global policies from MDS:

#migrate _global_ policies

But you cannot have any global domains on MDS where you are going to import it.

Kind regards,
Jozko Mrkvicka
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I also need to export the ruleset of multiple domains. But with the migrate_global_policies I only can migrate the global policies. Right?

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Perhaps Robert Decker‌ can help with this.


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CheckPoint has not been able yet to create a suitable procedure for backing up and restoring individual CMAs/DMS.