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Easy way to move logs from one to another server?


Due to prep of central management server for R80.20 EA, I will need to move installation to a new server.

Therefore I am setting up a new server with more cores and memory.

I have done the migration export for R80.10 Take 91 to a new R80.10 Take 91, and very thing went well.

BUT I am missing my old logs from the old server.

I quess the easy way is to create a Gaia snapshot, but this it is not working correctly, and one have to upgrade to HF Take 103.  Because EA technician have spend the whole week to test and confirm upgrade from R80.10 Take 91 to R80.20 I don't want to risk the upgrade will fail due to upgrade to Take 103. I could hope it would work, but I don't think it is fair for the incredible work and hours spend on prepping to EA upgrade.

Can I just copy/move $FWDIR/log/*.* to new server folder $FWDIR/log/ and wait for old logs being indexed again? 

Or are the some other best practice steps to follow?

I was thinking of upgrading existing central management server R80.10 Take 91 to Take 103. Take a Gaia snapshot, and export snapshot, copy snapshot to new R80.10 Take 103 server, and import and restore snapshot.

the import migrate import db.

When done and I am able to login, then downgrade to Take 91.

Would that work, and would I get into trouble by doing so?

Any good advice?



Best Regards
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You can copy over the old logs, but SmartEvent/SmartLog will only index the last 14 days worth.

You have to do something like this to get them indexed: Re: R77.30 to R80.10 Migrating logs


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