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Dynamic object using route table

I have a weird question that I'm not sure has been asked before.


Is there a dynamic object or some kind of updateable object that can be built from bgp?

Scenario:  I have two WAN providers.  One has VERY specific routes that I have to use to get to some of my clients.  I receive these routes via BGP to my wan router.

Could my firewall receive these routes from my WAN router via BGP and turn them into an object?  It would save us a lot of man hours of having to enter these IP's in by hand.

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For the purposes of anti-spoofing this is covered by the following option.

Network defined by routes - The gateway dynamically calculates the topology behind this interface. If the network changes, there is no need to click "Get Interfaces" and install a policy.

Combined with the use of interface level security zones you might be able to avoid scripting something to achieve the necessary dynamic object resolution.

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