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Difference between CSV exports / inconsistent database

Hello guys,

I have a small question... recently I tried to export all existing hosts on my R80.10 SMS as a csv file. To achieve this I used the option within the Smart Console GUI within the object explorer (object explorer -> filter for hoszs only -> actions -> export ). As I inspected the created csv file I realized that some data was missing. So, within the range of about 3000 hosts 250-300 did not show any tags. At this point I got quite confused as the SmartConsole showed the tags for these hosts, so I wrote a small script to create the host export via the management API. The export csv that I received via my script listed all hosts with the related tags and comments and everything seemed to be fine - until I saw that it included 10 more hosts than visible via the GUI export or even shown in the object explorer. These hosts do not have any IP address information but a comment. They appear to be system created but also reference (name and comment wise) to internal applications.

After that a colleague told me that we also need this report for network objects. So I did the same thing for these and compared the GUI and script csv export file. Even more strangely; the difference between the network exports was even bigger. The script export lists about 50-60 more network objects than the GUI export shows. Lots of the related network objects have a subnet mask of 32 bit (IPv4 only), not sure if this is related in any way. And again, these network objects can't be found within the object explorer but just via the management api. A few of the exported network even have the same IP address information and only a slightly different name, e.g. "ExampleNetwork" and "ExampleNetwork-0" or "ExampleNetwork-1". In such a case all three objects have unique UIDs and different creation + modify time stamps.

Did anyone of you encounter such a problem before? It appears that the whole SMS database has some inconsistencies. I already opened a support case regarding this issue, just wanted to know if that is a "common" bug which may be caused by upgrading the SMS from older takes to newer ones (especially the R77.x to R80 jump).

Thanks in advance for any feedback and comment.



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Regarding the missing networks, could this be due to the fact described here? Missing network objects in the Object Explorer 

Regarding some of them not showing tags unlike the GUI which shows their tags, please open a support ticket for this.


Thanks for your answer, but after some internal investigations we found out that the related objects were created before we upgraded the SMS to R80. Going to fix this in the future via the support.

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