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Diff b/w Smart view tracker ,monitor, smart log

Hello All,

   Can any one explain in simple words about difference between Smart Log , Smart view monitor , Smart view tracker.

I know the outlined role of Smart view tracker and smart monitor but i cant predict the differences in them. And why they exist as a separate module in smart dashboard. (R77.30)

Thanks in advance

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Tracker and SmartLog are both log viewers. SmartLog is indexed and this allow for really speedy search even using free text queries. Tracker is now considered to be a legacy product.

SmartView Monitor is exactly what the name implies: it has little to do with logging, but is has an extensive monitoring capabilities for the state of the CP components in your infrastructure, their resources, performance, alarms, VPNs (including remote access), etc.. It also includes the capability to create temporary rules for enforcement outside of the security policy.


SmartView Tracker is the legacy log viewer that only works with one log file at a time.

It still exists in R80 releases, but it is considered legacy and not being updated.

SmartLog is the new log viewer that works with indexed logs.

It allows for searches across all log files.

In R80+, it is the default log viewer integrated into SmartConsole. 

The future of "SmartLog" is actually SmartView, which is web-based and saw a significant improvement in R80.20.M1.

SmartView Monitor is about monitoring specific Check Point components, as Vladimir said above.


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