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Deleting a VSX gateway In R80.xx

When you need to remove a VSX gateway or cluster from your Domain or SMS be aware to remove all references first AND Publish those changes BEFORE trying to remove the VSX gateway or cluster.

Failing to do so will get you to a point that there will be a residue object that you cannot remove without help from TAC. This object will keep it's name and IP and this cannot be changed at all.


Where does it fail? When you remove the policy that is dedicated to the VSX gateway/cluster and do not publish, then remove the gateway, you will see a number of changes that have been done, you cannot publish them as there is a reference needed that was deleted. Your only option is to discard and start over, now delete the policy and push publish and then delete the VSX gateway/cluster. It will not disappear even though is looks all to have went ok.

Trying to delete again will end up in an error and the message to contact support.

So I did.

Regards, Maarten
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Just to provide some context: changes to VSX objects are committed immediately versus other changes to other objects which only occur on publish.
This is one reason these objects still don't have API support.
Ultimately, we need to fix that.
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