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Delete a CMA from Standby MDS

I have situation where one of the CMAs created on the standby MDS (R80.10) is not working correctly (FWM/CPCA process are down and wont comeup) all the other CMAs are working fine.

I want to delete this CMA from the standby MDS and create a new one, but the new mgmt_cli delete-domain command wont work since it will try to delete the active CMA on that domain as well, 

Is there anyway I can delete this CMA from the standby MDS?

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I would recon the command would be something like 

mgmt_cli delete-domain <DMS-Name> servers.multi-domain-server <MDS-Name>

However the manual does not seem to allow you to delete the management server for a domain. It does allow you to do this from the SmartConsole Domain grid.

Regards, Maarten
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Indeed, unfortunately this is not supported via API just yet. Only from SmartConsole. Thank you for raising this.


Yeah it would be good to add that to mgmt_cli,

I have found the /opt/CPmds-R80/scripts/mdsremove_customer script on the MDS, I haven't tried it yet, but may be it will work


This works opt/CPmds-R80/scripts/mdsremove_customer

run ./mdsremove_customer <cma name>