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Database Revision - SSL-Inspection Certificate backed up?

Hi there,

I have a question regarding database revision control.

Is there anything else being backed up besides firewall policies when creating a new database version?

A customer needs to install a new certificate for ssl-inspection but does not have a backup of the old certificate (.p12).

Or is there maybe another way to extract the current certificate with the private-key and possible intermediate certificates?


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I presume the certificate would be part of a database revision, but you're also talking about extracting the certificate.

Which certificate?

  • Outbound inspection: It's a single CA
  • Inbound inspection: A single certificate per server

Either way, I don't believe we provide a mechanism to extract the private key.

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Take a backup, neitherway i dont ubderstand the need of backing up the old outbound certificate.

There is no way to export a certificate's private key with checkpoint products.

Just issue a new ca certificate for the ssl inspection and spread it to the organisation.

If the customer already has some ca authority in use within his network you can issue a certificate from the "subordonate certificate authority" template it will be more best practice and you wont need to speard the certificate in orser to use it.