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Custom report generation failed

I am trying to generate a scheduled custom report for a list of IP's for a 24 hour period. 
I have attempted this in R80.30 SmartConsole and SmartView.
I am not an administrator, but I can send my own pre-defined reports.

I want the report to be sent daily to my org's email. Here's what happens:

1. The email connectivity test succeeds.
2. I build a custom report using a single filter for testing: "Host IP | equals | <ip addr>"
3. Set the report to send in five minutes.
4. Report shows "Failed" in the status field. No error information is given.

Is there any guidance or documentation anyone has to troubleshoot this?
I have only found one other similar post from 2017 about "failed report generation", but the workaround is listed as generating a scheduled report, which fails in my case as well as immediate export.



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Change "Host IP" with "Source".

Kind regards, Amir Senn
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