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Connect Gateway DAIP and the management in local behind an external firewall with IP public

I need to connect a DAIP Gateway to the security console that is in the internal network of an external firewall managed by the same console. Later I will need to make a VPN IPsec between the firewall with DAIP and the external firewall with public ip through certificates.

Thank you!

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So you publish your Management Server on a Public IP through the Local Firewall.

You will need to allow the Check Point Services through from Any Source as won't "know" the DAIP IP is


Define the Gateway as normal but set as a DAIP

Deploy the Gateway physically and determine the actual IP on the External Interface that has been picked up

Establish SIC on the Object and will ask you for the IP currently in use

SIC establishes and will be able to complete the rest of the way.


As managed by the same Management then the Certifcates will be known and authenticate with the Certificates.


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