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Compliance Blade Question.

With the Compliance blade, does it provide the ability to report on unused objects?

Also can you determine what services are being used on a specific rule that has ANY applied as the service?

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I don't believe you need Compliance Blade for either of these tasks.

You can get a list of unused objects here (though this generates a script to delete them): Delete Unused Hosts, Networks, and Groups 

You can see what services are used for a given rule in SmartLog:

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Compliance Blade alerts you on services with Any.

It does not currently alert you on unused objects. It is planned for our next releases. For now, you can use the "show unused-objects" Management API command -  Check Point - Management API reference 


This is good stuff! WE were hoping the compliance blade provides some of the things the more expensive auditing tools like Firemon, Tuffin  or Algosec provide.