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Compatibility with R80.40 MDS and R80.10 Cloudguard gateway instances interoperability


Just wanted to know, are there any known issues or limitations between,

R80.40 MDS and R80.10 Cloudguard gateway instances interoperability?

We run R80.30 MDS at the moment with R80.10 Cloudguard gateway instances and there is a requirement that we want to install AWS R80.40 Cloudguard gateways, hence we want to upgrade MDS from R80.30 to R80.40? There are no much material to find out about any issues, and just curious anyone with wider experience in this forum has any advices, tips and tricks, things to avoid etc etc kind of information, regarding interworking between R80.40 MDS and R80.10 Cloudguard gws?

Many thanks


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Any version management R80.xx can manage a R80.xx gateway, as long as the Management server is at least of equal or higher version.
That said there are some versions with JHF that can handle gateways 1 version above the Management server.
Regards, Maarten