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CloudGuard IaaS - Enabled by default?

Hello Checkmates,

We have an on-premise deployment of 2 Management servers in HA.

Both Managements run R80.40 JHF 94.

We recently observed that our Standby Management is generating two logs at a very frequent rate.


1) Mapping of Data Center server started. OnlineServices []

2) Data Center server scanning failed on Connectivity problem. OnlineServices []

I have checked both Management servers and CloudGuard IaaS is enabled and running on both but only the 2nd one generates the above log entries.

Is CloudGuard IaaS turned on by default? If I remember correctly you need to enable that manually.

We would like to get rid of these log messages as we are not using any cloud technology. Would you consider appropriate to turn off CloudGuard IaaS?

Looking forward to your advice. Let me know if you require any further information.

Thank you.


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CloudGuard IaaS (now called CloudGuard Network Security) is actually the virtualized gateway.
What you’re probably referring to is CME (Cloud Management Extension):
I don’t recall offhand if it’s on by default, but this SK should be a decent starting point.

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Hi @PhoneBoy 

Apologies if I confused you a bit. When I execute the command "cloudguard" on both Management servers, I get the below indicating that CloudGuard IaaS is enabled. I wouldn't know if that is the CME or something else which I have yet to understand. Due to the nature of our work we are not familiar with cloud technologies.


[Expert@MGMT-A:0]# cloudguard
CloudGuard IaaS is enabled and running

on Enable CloudGuard IaaS
off Disable CloudGuard IaaS
debug on Enable CloudGuard IaaS debug prints
debug full Enable all CloudGuard IaaS debug prints
debug off Disable CloudGuard IaaS debug prints


What I wanted to understand is why the secondary management generated the logs I have attached on the original thread.

And as I was writing my reply and searching the logs I have noticed that the secondary management has NOT generated such logs after its upgrade to R81.

Thank you.

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