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Cloud Migration from Distributed R80.30 to Standalone R80.40

Hello Team!

To start, R80.30 apparently doesn't have an option for Standalone within the cloud (Azure at lest) thus users are forced to distribute. I don't believe it's confirmed yet but I am being told that (on Azure) R80.40 when released on MarketPlace there will be an option for StandAlone. Of course now this begs the question, "... how do customers migrate their forced distributed environments to StandAlone?" 

A follow-up question would be, "Why would anyone want to do that?", well the simple answer is to save money. Having 2 VMs with double storage can get costly for small to medium businesses:

Before putting any effort into this I was curious to know is it as simple as:

cpprod_util FwSetStandAlone 1
cpprod_util FwIsFirewallMgmt 1
cpprod_util FwSetFirewallModule 1

Am I missing anything? 

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You should try it and share the results.
It’s probably a little more complicated than that, though.

Note that from R80.20, we now use the newer (3.10) Linux kernel for CloudGuard IaaS.
Even on physical gateways, it was not possible to run standalone using the new kernel with R80.20 and R80.30.
This limitation was addressed in R80.40 as the Linux 3.10 is now the only option.


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