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Clone System to create hot spare Checkpoint

I have my live CheckPt r77.30 up and running, and now I have used ISOmorphic USB to create a backup system.

What is the best way to import the settings to this new machine?  I am thinking of copying the backup i have over from my live machine and performing:

fw> $FWDIR/bin/upgrade_tools/migrate import -l <backup>

Is this the way to go?

The hardware is different, so I think importing a snapshot instead will break the new system.

Also -- will that import the valid license from the live server--creating a duplicate?  Do we need to purchase a 2nd license just to have a hot backup of Checkpoint?



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This is really a Management (R80.10) question.

migrate import will work well assuming you took said backup with a migrate export.

Specifically, since you're copying from R77.30 to R77.30, make sure you are using the R77.30 version of the migration tools.

Yes, this will copy the licenses as well.

Snapshot won't work across different hardware types.

If you really want to have both active at the same time, there is a Management HA feature that will actually allow you to keep both active and synced automatically.

As for licensing, if you want to have both copies of the manager active, you'll need to have licenses for both.

If they have different IPs, you for sure will need to have licenses for both.

If one is more of a "disaster recovery" and the IP addresses will be the same, I don't believe another license is strictly required.

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From your description I cannot determine if you are running a distributed system, (separate management and gateway) or an all in one. Please clarify.

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HA requires license. But in your case, I dont think ur setup is HA.

You said, hot backup only. Therefore no license required.

I suggest you do the automatic backup to your repository and also much better if you have snapshot atleast.

You could also take a look of having HA of your gateway (with license needed).

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Thank you very much for these replies!

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