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Checkpoint "Whitelist" rule is allowing traffic on edge, but not Chrome or other browsers.

Created a rule to whitelist a specific website that was getting hung up on a Syn ack -> RST. 

Rule was no longer being caught, but the site was still getting either hung up or blocked in all browsers but not edge. 

Further investigation then shows that another prevent rule: Microsoft Internet Explorer malformed IFRAME buffer overflow (MS04-040) 

Created an exception to test it as I'm still wary of this site. (Another one of their domains doesn't have TLS on for a site that users log into.... I mean really?)  And it works in Chrome. 

This could be an issue as many of our employees or say certain shared workstations aren't win10.  

So I guess my question how exactly is this rule looking at the traffic differently. 

FYI i'm fairly new to CP.

Thanks for the help in advance. 

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Different browsers in general shouldn’t cause different behaviors for “whitelisting” a URL.

I would engage with the TAC so we can troubleshoot what’s going on here.

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