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Checkpoint R80.10 VSLS Priorities

Hey Guys,

Im trying to understand in a VSLS deployment where you have say 4 x VSX gateways & 2 of the Gateways during normal operation will be in a Backup state for a Virtual Firewall.  is it possible to control which one of the 2 Backup members will become next in line for being placed in a standby state upon failure of the Active VSX gateway cluster member for the given virtual firewall?

The r80.10 admin guide seems to imply you can, but I've been told this is not possible and that the next in line of the backup gateways to traverse to standby is basically round robin.

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I nerver used VSX VLSL on R80.10 but in R77.30 I think you could achive that using vsx_utl vsls on the management and use option 6 to export to a file, edit and change the file and load it again (option 5)

Somthing like that:

[Expert@mgmt:0]# vsx_util vsls
Enter Security Management Server/main Domain Management Server IP address (Hit 'ENTER' for 'localhost'):
Enter Administrator Name: admin
Enter Administrator Password:
Select VSX cluster object name:
1) R80_VSX_cluster
Select: 1

VS Load Sharing - Menu
1. Display current VS Load sharing configuration
2. Distribute all Virtual Systems so that each cluster member is equally loaded
3. Set all VSes active on one member
4. Manually set priority and weight
5. Import configuration from a file
6. Export configuration to a file
7. Exit

Please, let me know if this works for R80.10.



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