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CheckPoint Solution Migration



I have a scenario whereby i will be migrating a CP solution & I wanted some views to compare on the best way to achieve this.

The new solution will have a different network design & involves introducing +-5 VSXs for better security within the environment. 

The new solution will not be integrated with the current at any given time. Once the new solution is ready it should be a matter of just moving cables across from the current to new FWs.

From what i can gather, most of the work would need to be done from scratch (vsx portions & new FW policies). I would appreciate the policies & objects to at least be migrated so that i can copy/paste to the new FW policies i will create for each vsx.  

What would be your best approach to take for this?



Smart Mgmt Appliance Running R77.30

2 x Security Gateways HA (Active/Active) R77.30



Smart Mgmt Open Server - R80.20

2 x Security Gateways HA (Active/Standby) R80.20 - VSX



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Your best bet would be to migrate export/import the management database into the new management appliance, build everything as you see fit, then cut everything over when you're ready.

Thanks. This does seem like the best way. Just need to do a clean up post the import but at least I'll have the objects and policies.
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