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Check Point’s First Management Feature Release is now available!

Dear All,


We are very happy to announce availability of Check Point’s Management Feature Release - R80.20.M1


The Management Feature Release is a new release train that offers frequent, faster delivery of Security Management capabilities.

It can be used for clean installations or upgrades of Management environments.


Who is this relevant for?

Management Feature Releases are recommended for customers who want to use the latest available Security management capabilities. 

Customers using this release should be prepared to frequently upgrade their management environment when a new release becomes available.


The release is now available for download from the Check Point Download Center.


We encourage you to visit our R80.20 Management Feature Release homepage for “What’s New”, Release Notes and other useful information.



Check Point Release Management Group

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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

Would this have the same features as the current R80.20 EA?

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Hi, the current R80.20 EA is more advanced than the R80.20.M1 that was just released. This is because R80.20.M1 is GA and therefore the feature set was cut at a specific point of time. Simple example: SmartConsole colors.


A much more interesting feature not on focus is the management of MTA/ICAP features in much better way through SmartConsole, like:


2 things regarding the new MTA features:

  1. MTA implied rule for access rule policy: I configured it and it works like a charm but the I don't see the automatically generated rule in the policy or implied rules. So it should either be listed if I open the implied rules view, or like the implied Threat Prevention rule be visible but not editable on the access policy.
  2. For some features there is listed that sk122853 has more details for R80.10 gateways, but this sk does not exist or is not visible for me:
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Yes, they are super-interesting, however Sandblast Engine does not yet include them yet so you can't deploy them.

We already have the tutorials ready to be published... and I will mention that in the CheckMates webinar in 2 weeks...

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After all of the R80.10 and R80.20 hipe, I will say this is an impressive list. yet the main-line issues still have not been resolved. This type of development would be extremly exciting to all of us and really gives Checkpoint a BLACK-EYE with not helping correct the essentail basics first.

Well, I found this response where R&D does admit that it isn’t available today in R80.10 or R80.20, at least related to querying the hit-count data
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I want to update that the R80.20 Gateways let you deploy these malicious email settings. Let us know your thoughts on those. 

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Hi Bob,

Sorry to hear that you feel this way. Thank you for this feedback. We take comments like this into consideration. 

While zero hit count query is coming, it is true that we wanted to push the product in new directions rather than sweep all the differences between the versions. Taking multi-tasking to the next level, improving the web-based log viewer, adding automation for IOC’s and more were things that we felt we needed to bring faster. We also had users with Global VPN Communities or ones with Endpoint Zero Phishing that were blocked from upgrading until this release.

With each release, there will be new things as well as iterations of features that were last seen in R77.30. Ever since this thread’s date we already released another Security Management version to the general public with more features. So we have more opportunities to introduce features than the release cycles that we typically had until a year ago. 

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