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Changing the management console with an existing SIC

We have two GAIA R80.10 appliances with one setup as management.  We purchased a Smart-1 to act as management as well as the central data collector.  My question what is the process of moving the SIC from appliance A to the Smart-1?  Currently, Appliance B has a SIC to Appliance A.  I need them both to point to the Smart-1?  Understand I need to use Python to move the Policies over, I am looking for where and how to start?  I am a newbie to this level of Check Point administration.

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Hello Timothy,

I understand that you have two HA manager R80.10 and you purchased a Smart-1 for replace the current enviroment. The way easier for do it is run a migrate export of primary manager and run migrate import on Smart-1 running R80.10 Fresh Install. With this process, all SIC with managed firewalls, rules, nats are preseverd.

I hope help you.

Alisson Lima



In case you need to re-establish SIC on the gateway to the new management:

[Expert@gateway:0]# cpconfig
This program will let you re-configure
your Check Point products configuration.

Configuration Options:
(1)  Licenses and contracts
(2)  SNMP Extension
(3)  PKCS#11 Token
(4)  Random Pool
(5)  Secure Internal Communication
(6)  Enable cluster membership for this gateway
(7)  Disable Check Point SecureXL
(8)  Check Point CoreXL
(9)  Automatic start of Check Point Products
(10) Exit

Enter your choice (1-10) :5

Configuring Secure Internal Communication...
The Secure Internal Communication is used for authentication between
Check Point components

Trust State: Trust established

Would you like re-initialize communication? (y/n) [n] ?
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