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Changing all expiration date for users in a group

Hello everybody!
I´m not using at this time LDAP groups to authenticate users, so I´m using "Check Point Password".

Does anyone know if there´s a way to do a massive modification for the expiration date for only one user group?

I´ve found the solution below, but the command "fwm expdate" has a lack of options.

How to perform a mass modification to all user accounts' expiration dates 

There´s no options for groups, you can only change all accounts date expiration.

Thanks in advance.


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I think you should be able to accomplish this task within dbedit

Example: modify users rick.rodrix admin_expiration_base_data:expiration_date "date"

or via queryDB_util

Provide admin username/password then do: -t users -s expiration_date='dd-mmm-yyyy' -pt

You would need to create a little script to check for all users of your specific user group first and then update their expiration_date.

You can also manually change users expiration dates within GuiDBEdit and even create a simple macro that checks for the specific user group and only then updates the users expiration date.


Thanks, I´ll try this.

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