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Categorization not proper first time

Hey folks,

In R80.10 with HTTPS inspection enabled and the clean up rule is block rule. If any site gets blocked then it categorized as web browser category same displayed in message. After that if hit again it shows category properly.  I disabled categorize HTTPS sites also but no luck. I set detailed logging. Pursuing the help for the same.

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This is due to the fact that the connection will be allowed to proceed by default before an initial categorization has been received for a newly-visited site, whose categorization is not already in the firewall's cache.  In SmartConsole under Manage and Settings...Blades...Application Control & URL Filtering...Check Point Online Web Service...Website Categorization Mode try changing the selected option from Background to Hold and see if that helps.  Note that on this screen you can also control whether the firewall will fail-open or fail-closed if the URL Categorization service encounters a problem.

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