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Can someone share a guide to migrate from one management server to a new one for R80.20

So the primay management server we have has been very problematic for us (its a smart-1 225 appliance ), the secondary is working fine, most of the time we would have problems with the primary as in there would be smartconsole connection issues, active/standby issues, etc so we are fed up with the server and are going to replace it with a new one, so want to know how the migration is done from the old one to new one in case im being tasked to do it, just need to be directed to the exact SK article or any other link that would show detailed steps on how to accomplish that.

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What you need is to do the following:


1. Promote your secondary MGMT server to primary:

2. Get rid of the "old" primary server and install a new one, if you want to keep your MGMT HA

3. Depending on your needs, swap back primary & secondary roles, using the same SK as in p.1 or continue as is

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