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Can i create two IPsec vpn tunnel with same Peer IP

I have Domain based IPsec VPN tunnel from my checkpoint firewall to Cisco ASA but we need another VPN tunnel for testing purpose with same vendor but Third party vendor has provided the same Peer IP which we have used in our 1st tunnel.

Can we create another tunnel with same Peer IP on checkpoint ?? Because when i am creating Interoperable device then its showing this device is already exist.


Kindly help on this.


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hi, I understand that you have a vpn with a cisco ASA already raised you already have the objects and the community.
what you want to do is another vpn with the same ip in another firewall that is not the cisco ASA
1.-You already have the objects with the ip chkp and interoperable. (CISCO)
2.- You already have the community.
3.- You already have the domains.
4.- You already have the rules of the vpn
you do not need to modify anything if use the same ip, but for your test something sounds wrong in the routing part you can not have two firewalls with the same public ip, you would present an ip conflict, and this could make you have asymetric routing etc etc.
if you have another public ip you can create the interoperable object and raise your vpn of tests.
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I believe you could achieve the intended result by configuring a route-based VPN.

Have a look at sk31012 for more information.

I hope this helps.

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