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Can Check Point Smart-1 manage other Firewalls brands?

Hi Everybody... 


I have a curious case with a client... 

This client bought  insdustrial appliances by Fortinet last year. But right now wants to increase its installed base acquiring 1264 more appliances with another vendor, I obviously  proposed Check Point 1570R appliances. 

The problem here is that the client wants some points which Im not sure Check Point comply... 

  • Does someone know If Smart-1 can manage Fortinet products (Fortimanager, Fortiauthenticator, Forti analyzer) through an API or something like that? If so, Can you give me more information about that?
  • Does someone know If theres a 3rd party tool which can manage Firewall Appliances regardless the vendor? I mean If I have a half of Check Point Appliances and a half of Fortinet Appliances, can the tool manage them? If so, Does exist a success case? 


Thank you!. 



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Back in the 90s, Check Point sold a product that allowed you to manage the ACLs on a Cisco router.
That product hasn't existed in a while.

Check Point management cannot be used to manage Fortinet appliances (and vice versa).
Tufin and Algosec have tools that can automate policy changes across vendors.
You can bring security events from both into a common SIEM. 

However, I s

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As @PhoneBoy said, such a product had not existed in some time. Put it this way...even if anyone ever figured a way to do it, it would be totally unsupported by any vendor out there.

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