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CPAP-SG5100-NGTP and CPAP-SG5100-NGTP-HA, two appliances. Related to Clusering and management license

Hi, We have procured CPAP-SG5100-NGTP and CPAP-SG5100-NGTP-HA, two appliances. While we started implementing with the help of vendor, we come to know that management server license is not included and hence we can not do separate management license server installation, second due to this they concluded that clustering with ACTIVE - ACTIVE is not possible. We have to do ACTIVE - PASIVE mode only. Can anybody help us to understand this is right? we need to procure management license for HA clustering or is there any way? Kindly help us on priority. due to this overall implementation is pending.

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A management server license is included, but it can only run on the local appliance.

Which implies, if you're doing a cluster, a Full HA cluster, which means of you can only run Active/Passive by design.

If you want management on a separate appliance or VM, that has to be purchased separately.

What reason do you want to run Active/Active?

You would probably be better served with larger appliances running active/passive rather than trying to run active/active, at least from a reliability standpoint.



Is there a reason that the 'least' management license one can buy is a 5 gateway license CPSM-NGSM5? This is too expensive when going for the smaller (<5400) appliances and want to have non-local management.




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