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Bulk Import / Management of Server Certificates

Hello Checkmates Community,

  Does anyone have any tricks or know of any automation features to perform a bulk import of server certificates to be used for Inbound HTTPs inspection??  I checked the Management API Reference guide but don’t see the option to create / import server certificates (see corresponding SmartDashboard screenshot below)…

  Also if anyone knows of any good Certificate management / automation tools that integrate with Check Point that would be awesome.

  Any advice or assistance would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.





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Hey @Allen_Fambro ,

There you can use p12 type of files and "PKCS#12 container may contain multiple encrypted private keys and public certificates. The upper limit is not strictly defined." . 

So in theory you could have multiple cert and keys in a file and try to import it.....

I would recommend the use smth like "keystore-explorer" ( that allows you to alter p12 files and add certs/keys, etc, etc, etc....

Give it a try with 2 - 3 cert/keys and let us know how it went.


PS: you require that in the case you need to inspect the HTTPS traffic that goes towards servers that are behind CheckPoint GW - just saying 😁 ....

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There aren’t any APIs related to managing the certificates for HTTPS Inspection until R81.20.
I don’t recall if they include APIs for that specific function, though.

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